10 février 2015

Project life 2015 Week 2

  I finished my week 2 and really love how it turned out. I spent quite some time creating lot of tiny details and I love each little piece. I have again mixed all kind of brands , Studio Calico, Stampin'Up! Tim hotlz.... and used my home made simply pressed clay alphabet. I love the texture, and the size, really perfect for PL!   I really love this new way (for me) to document our life and keep memories for ever. Have you started this year album too? Leave a link in the comment and I'll visit you in return.   ... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2015

DIY project life cards

One of the second album I created last year is a " little sunshines" card album. I was not making my Project Life album by week and this is also a little bit more personal. I write down all my fun/super nice little moments... Just to keep track of them and remind myself that all is not always black in this world.... And I store them in a 6 x 8 PL album. So this year, I want to create the cards by series... and this serie is very simple: using the same paper for the 4 cards of that protector pocket. I was lucky enough to win this... [Lire la suite]
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05 février 2015

Cased card... Butterfly basics

  Browsing on internet gives a lot of ideas and sometime we come across so beautiful creations.... When I saw this card on the Stampin'Up! UK FaceBook page, I felt in love with it and could not resist in cas-ing it immediately. [to Case: Copy in the integrality or partially someone else creation] When doing so, please please please give the bron of the original version, name of the person or link to it! So this is my version. I have added my little touch on it and changed the sentiment. I used some real leather thread... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2015

Project life 2015 a new album

Project life is a real addiction and also a so great way to keep memories while they are fresh in our heads. I'm in total LOVE with it! This year, I have chosen a strawberry faux leather album color. I think these are more durable, but I honestly didn't try the other one. The small PL album do not resist at several manupaltion... that's for sure. This year, my pages will be by week and by thema. I will then continue last year album for big stories and only include one or 2 photos in my week pages... I think this system will suit... [Lire la suite]
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02 février 2015

Butterfly wishes

  When I received this die last week, I could not resist making this cute, fast and easy little card. It was really done in a flash and I love it, totally girly!! This butterfly is gone today wishing the most beautiful last days to a little girl named Elynn. She has a terrible brain tumor and not so many life time left... I hope it will brighten her day. She loves Peppa Pig and would love receiving TONS of cards! If you would like to send a card too, just have a look on this video, the link gives the adress too. Have a nice... [Lire la suite]
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01 février 2015

DIY project life cards

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm quite late but I hope that you have enjoyed your time with friends and family and had a lot of fun. All my wishes for you this new year, hoping it's going to be a fantastic creative one!   So now, it's time for a little bit of papercrafting. Since I felt in love with Project Life, I can't stop brainstorming and have millions of ideas about it all day long...! I wish I had more time to scrap all my ideas. But at least, I can find some minutes here and there and for Project Life, it's... [Lire la suite]
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