17 septembre 2016

Mail art en Project Life!, een nieuw gave idee...

Mail Art is een super HIP manier om met een vriendin te communiceren. Dit is zo veel FUN! Je stuur niet een simple kaart maar veel meer. Als je al een vriendin heb die hou van brieven sturen, creative material te gebruiken, dan is de Mail Art perfect. Jullie kunnen embellishments en kaartjes delen en nog meer! Dit is zo makkelijk te doen met de Project Life materiaal. Kijk maar dit introductie video van Pam Morgan die in de Stampin'Up! team werkt. Mail art is very trendy at the moment. Yet it is not new. It's a fun way to... [Lire la suite]
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10 février 2015

Project life 2015 Week 2

  I finished my week 2 and really love how it turned out. I spent quite some time creating lot of tiny details and I love each little piece. I have again mixed all kind of brands , Studio Calico, Stampin'Up! Tim hotlz.... and used my home made simply pressed clay alphabet. I love the texture, and the size, really perfect for PL!   I really love this new way (for me) to document our life and keep memories for ever. Have you started this year album too? Leave a link in the comment and I'll visit you in return.   ... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2015

Project life 2015 a new album

Project life is a real addiction and also a so great way to keep memories while they are fresh in our heads. I'm in total LOVE with it! This year, I have chosen a strawberry faux leather album color. I think these are more durable, but I honestly didn't try the other one. The small PL album do not resist at several manupaltion... that's for sure. This year, my pages will be by week and by thema. I will then continue last year album for big stories and only include one or 2 photos in my week pages... I think this system will suit... [Lire la suite]
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