20 janvier 2016

When Starbuck meet Stampin'Up! love story & workshop

(if you want to see the tip directly and the workshop, jump at the end of this message) For years now, I have been a Starbuck lover and always carry my coffee cup with me. And for many years, I wish I could make my own design on my cup, be able to change it when i want and write my name on it.Have you notice they never spell it write or call you Sarah when you said Samantha? When I found this DIY (and very expensive) cup last time I went to grab my favorite coffee, I saw this DIY cup... Ok it was pricy, but i just could not... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2014

New weekly deals, workshops and more...

It has been one week already, how can time be flying so fast???This week deals is just a WOW. Papers, punch, stamps, MDS , so many different products that I really really love....This weekly deals ends Tuesday 22 April, don't miss it! I will be placing an order Monday 21 april. If you want to place an order with FREE shipping and pick it up at my house, please send me your orders before Sunday 20 April.More great and fantastic new products line are coming soon! They will be available on May 1rst and will continue in the new... [Lire la suite]
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