How to subscribe to Chicstamping's newsletter ?

How to subscribe to my newsletter is a question i have been receiving many times.

Therefore I made a little tutorial for you.

It's a long explaination but you'll be done in 3 clicks! It's super easy, I promise you!

The Little story:

You also asked me why is my blog partially in French.....?
Chicstamping (previously Stamping Time) is a blog made on a French blog, Canalblog, many years ago. Therefore, despite all the translation i have been making on my blog, there are some few parts I am enable to change.
The newsletter subscription and the contact me/ email me page are 2 componants I can not modify.

No worries, you will be able to subscribe in 3 little steps and will be receiving all notifications from my blog posts and newsletter.

Let's start?

Step 1: Enter your email address

formulaire inscription newsletter 3


Step 2: Fill the subscription form: 
Please note: All anonymous subscriptions will be deleted.

*Click on Receive each new blog post
*Enter the security number

formulaire inscription newsletter 1

formulaire inscription newsletter 1

Click to enlarge this photo

Step 3: Validate your susbscription

Just one little click and you are done

*Go in your mail box
*Click on "confirm my subscription" grey button
In french (confirmer mon inscription)


formulaire inscription newsletter 2


Tadaa... Welcome to Chic Stamping!

Your subscription is now validated. Thank you for joining the fun. Please leave me a comment time to time to let me know your thoughts, ask any crafting questions or just to say hello ;)

formulaire inscription newsletter 4

When you see this page, your subscription is finished!

If you have any question, please email me at :


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